KINEO Tablet for Education

Kineo Tablet eReader - Source:

Kineo Tablet eReader – Source:

Kineo Tablet eReader

Copyright © 2011-2013 All rights reserved. In ten years, could backpacks and textbooks go the way of 8-tracks and rotary phones? Technology corporation, Brainchild, certainly hopes so; as the demise of the two would signal that products like their new Kineo had hit it big.

What’s a Kineo you ask? In short: A super-cool 21st century textbook is what. And if everything works according to the Brainchild plan, a few years from now, parents will laugh as kids inquire in disbelief, “you mean you actually had to carry around 5 different, 5,000-page, paper-books in a sack every day!”

Yes, my friends, stories of carrying textbooks on our backs will be the new “when I was a kid…” tale used to illustrate our parental superiority and guilt our children into submission.

A seven-inch, Andriod-based tablet PC, the Kineo is completely locked-down for education. Your little one won’t be able to check their personal email or wander into non-educational corners of the Web. And forget about the brain-drain games; the only software you’ll find on a Kineo is of the edutainment kind. Moreover, the touch screen tablet comes loaded with Brainchild’s highly lauded Achiever software.

The Kineo might be pint-sized, but it’s chock-full of information (think 100X the amount of data contained in the average encyclopedia of yesteryear.) Not only are there things to read, but the Kineo lets kids draw, write and even record. A hand-held virtual classroom, the Kineo also comes with a built-in tutor that monitors your child’s progress and knows exactly when it’s time for a challenge.

Unfortunately, Kineos are not available for private purchase, but 5,000 units are being shipped to various school districts across the United States this fall. Never fear, though, touch screen children’s tablets are the hot new product and several companies, like LeapFrog and VTech, have commercial versions hitting the shelves this summer. Yep folks, once again we’re standing at the precipice of a brave new world, where backpacks are artifacts and entire libraries fit in the palm of your hand. Tablet devices are here to stay and will forever alter the way kids learn.  The time is now to get on the tablet PC train; and remember, in this day in age, it’s never too early to start computing. Copyright © 2011-2013 All rights reserved.

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