DreamTab for Children

Kids Dream Tablet from DreamWorks

Nabi DreamTab

Nabi DreamTab

Today, the apple of kids’ eyes is often their parents’ smartphones and tablets. Now, children can have their own tablet device! The DreamTab, will be a joint collaboration between Fuhu and DreamWorks. The DreamTab kids tablet is expected to have an 8 inch display to be just as powerful as the iPad.

There are expected the educational features as well. Purchasing the DreamTab will mean using a custom-made child friendly tool to supplement early childhood education.‏ The DreamTab slate will include a stylus for the “Be an Artist” program which helps kids learn to draw their favorite Shrek, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon characters.

The child-friendly slate will focus on early childhood education, with academic features like reading, writing, and arithmetic. The Dream Tab tablet computer will feature streaming content from Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

The Dream Tab will also comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, a law that mandates the way companies collect information on kids under 13. Children will be able to safely communicate with their parents by email or other messaging options.

The early childhood educational tablet will also include an array of DreamWorks themed accessories including, headphones, cases, and protective bumpers.

The DreamTab promises to be the dream tablet for educating children.

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LeapPad Ultra Kids Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

LeapPad Ultra Kids Tablet

LeapPad Ultra Kids Tablet

Have you seen the new LeapPad Ultra tablet for kids? LeapFrog is known for their amazing educational toys and now they have created a learning tablet for kids. Designed for kids ages 4 to 9, the new LeapPad Ultra is the only children’s tablet with a kid-safe web browser and a learning library of 800+ educator-approved games, and apps.

The “Ultra” is a savvy learning tablet for children. Leapfrog’s kid’s tablet is fun, interactive and great for travel! The new LeapPad has a 7-inch, 1,024 x 600 touchscreen display that works with a stylus, parental protection and secure WiFi.

Front- and rear-facing cameras for its built-in imaging programs and 8GB of storage for downloading some of the 800-plus LeapFrog-approved apps downloadable from the company’s App Center – from partners like Pixar and Sesame Street.

Your child can learn valuable skills such as math, reading, spelling and comprehension. Interactive learning is a fun, playful way to motivate children to learn.

The best selling toys offer stimulation, learning and fun! Touch toys allow children to emulate their parents as they enter into the world of computers and electronics. Tablets for children are made rugged, durable and child-friendly – perfect for active kids!

The LeapPad Ultra kids tablet is predicted to be one of the top selling toys for Christmas 2013. The LeapPad Ultra will be priced at about $150 when it hits on July 17th.

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LearnPad Educational Tablet Solution

This guest post is from Edresources.com

LearnPad Tablet

LearnPad Tablet

The LearnPad educational tablet solution is purpose built for the K-12 classroom. The LearnPad comes ready to use out of the box and can be deployed to students and faculty almost instantly.
Administration is easy through the LearnPad Management Portal utilizing the included Mobile Device Management module. Also included in the LearnPad solution is the Content Management module with unlimited storage for instructional content.

The LearnPad tablet experience can best be described as hands-on, targeted learning allowing for differentiated instruction within a safe, secured platform. Students only have access to preselected classroom tools or individualized lessons. The LearnPad platform is installed at the root level of the Android operating system so it has full control of the device. This allows for a fluid experience where applications and content are distributed from the cloud to LearnPad devices completely in the background with no need for student intervention.

The LearnPad tablet supports Android applications, websites and Flash based eLearning content in addition to typical digital materials including PDFs, Office Documents, Videos, Music and eBooks. LearnPad also supports existing network shares, so using existing curriculum resources and files on shared drives is easy.

LearnPad was recognized as the “BETT Best Digital Device” for 2013 and is brought to schools across the US exclusively by Educational Resources® and authorized resellers.

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Amplify Tablet | Educational Tablet

Innovation in Education with the Amplify Tablet

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Amplify Tablet - Source: Amplify.com

Amplify Tablet – Source: Amplify.com

News Corp brings a new solution to education with the Amplify educational tablet. Designed as a K-12 educational tool, it provides a cohesive hub of technology that enhances a student’s education through a solid curriculum. The goal behind the Amplify tablet is not to simply add technology. Instead, they wish to find innovative ways to support students, parents and teachers.

Amplify is a personalized learning tablet that divides course work by subject with background information, games and simulations for each area. Interactive textbooks allow students to utilize the information at their level. Homework can be completed on the tablet with group discussions and online tutoring available. A reference section and a library personalized to the student’s reading level are other features that make this a unique learning experience for each student.

The appeal of the Amplify tablet is not simply the innovation. It also incorporates data and analytics that optimize each tablet for the individual student. Parents can monitor their children’s progress through a web browser, smart phone or even the television. Teachers can interact with a student’s progress. This gives a personalized experience for each student, the type of experience that is the future of learning.

Another unique feature is the mapping of concepts at the high school level. This will allow students and teachers to address any learning gaps and create a more successful high school graduate.

Bringing innovative technology to the classroom does not negate the need to provide a quality educational experience. The Amplify student tablet starts with educational needs, molding the technology to fit the student. Student first and technology second, that is innovation.

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KINEO Tablet for Education

Kineo Tablet eReader - Source: Brainchild.com

Kineo Tablet eReader – Source: Brainchild.com

Kineo Tablet eReader

Copyright © 2011-2013 EducationalTablet.com. All rights reserved. In ten years, could backpacks and textbooks go the way of 8-tracks and rotary phones? Technology corporation, Brainchild, certainly hopes so; as the demise of the two would signal that products like their new Kineo had hit it big.

What’s a Kineo you ask? In short: A super-cool 21st century textbook is what. And if everything works according to the Brainchild plan, a few years from now, parents will laugh as kids inquire in disbelief, “you mean you actually had to carry around 5 different, 5,000-page, paper-books in a sack every day!”

Yes, my friends, stories of carrying textbooks on our backs will be the new “when I was a kid…” tale used to illustrate our parental superiority and guilt our children into submission.

A seven-inch, Andriod-based tablet PC, the Kineo is completely locked-down for education. Your little one won’t be able to check their personal email or wander into non-educational corners of the Web. And forget about the brain-drain games; the only software you’ll find on a Kineo is of the edutainment kind. Moreover, the touch screen tablet comes loaded with Brainchild’s highly lauded Achiever software.

The Kineo might be pint-sized, but it’s chock-full of information (think 100X the amount of data contained in the average encyclopedia of yesteryear.) Not only are there things to read, but the Kineo lets kids draw, write and even record. A hand-held virtual classroom, the Kineo also comes with a built-in tutor that monitors your child’s progress and knows exactly when it’s time for a challenge.

Unfortunately, Kineos are not available for private purchase, but 5,000 units are being shipped to various school districts across the United States this fall. Never fear, though, touch screen children’s tablets are the hot new product and several companies, like LeapFrog and VTech, have commercial versions hitting the shelves this summer. Yep folks, once again we’re standing at the precipice of a brave new world, where backpacks are artifacts and entire libraries fit in the palm of your hand. Tablet devices are here to stay and will forever alter the way kids learn.  The time is now to get on the tablet PC train; and remember, in this day in age, it’s never too early to start computing. Copyright © 2011-2013 EducationalTablet.com. All rights reserved.

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EduTone to Market Educational Tablets

Edutone Tablets - Photo Source: Edutone.com

Edutone Tablets – Photo Source: Edutone.com

Educational Technology Company Announces Affordable Powerful Learning Tablet For Schools

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EduTone Corporation, an international, privately-held technology firm, has announced the development of a game-changing academic computer for kids. A high-level product, EduTone’s ET Persona tablet PCs are meant for school districts and are set to be bundled with the company’s award-winning, multimedia platform, EduTone Xchange.

While a few select schools received advanced test units, EduTone announced their new tablet PC product will be available to all interested parties in the Fall of this year. For the initial offering, ET Persona tablets will only be available through a bundle-package with their established, multi-media EduTone Xchange service.

When developing ET Persona tablets, the specialists at EduTone wanted to ensure that it was both affordable and sustainable. They succeed in their quest; the tablet works with their full line of K-20 educational programs. And at only $199 – $399 per student, with a $20 a month financing program, EduTone tablets are priced just right.

Concerned about online privacy? No need to be with the ET Persona tablet; it’s got an integrated privacy filter that conforms to statutes laid out in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Renowned leaders in the mobile education market, like Cambridge University Press  and Webspiration are partnering with EduTone on the system; thereby making it one of the most comprehensive, advanced learning products in history.

At the next school board or PTA meeting, why not ask if your district has the ET Persona Kid’s educational tablet on their radar!

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